[EDGSPECIAL018] East Calling

by Vuri Roots



Vuri Roots - the band reunited in the end of 2013. The guys actively engaged in the proceeds of music making after the realise of their first track in January 2014.

The guys live in Samara (Russia) - dirty industrial town on the picturesque bank of the river Volga. Here they all met and gathered together in order to embody their dream to create music and play it for a huge audience. The main vocalist Ilya says that Vuri Roots/they discovered their unique and unrepeatable sound from the first rehearsals. In the first 6 months of their existence as Vuri Roots, the guys performed in various concerts and spent long hours working in the studio with their recordings. They spent few months to create the affecting concert program. Their music is based on penetrating guitar riffs with oxide of psychedelic effects,groovy bass and pleasant vocal. As guys say they grew up listening to the 90-s music,but their tastes are wide starting from rave sounds to classic old-school guitar bands. A beastly life in their weird and incomprehensible motherland, reluctance to common job and а lack of money are stimulating boys to record their demos just to express their energy and actualize a cosmic potential. They play their music to the audience who's still living with the rock'n'roll echoes in their minds. Guys are ready to sound like afflation to the new World, where everyone everywhere will be Happy! Amen!


in our nights
in our frights
love is my government
my real life and my knife
i saw a new world
i saw a new life
i fell on my knees
and night sky was open to me

it's important not to jump off
cause you believed me
land is already burning
everything was in our heart
from the outset
deep down in me

it was flight over the fields of a soul
and i am real,i feel the blossoming of flowers
I will touch here every living being, its all real
everything blooms and lives on the planet of love


released June 1, 2015
Guitar, Vocal and Lyrics by Ilia Syomin
Drums by Ilia Suslinnikov
Bass by Mikhail Chavelev
Recorded by Sergei Kasheev
Mixed by Dmitriy Silbershtein
Photo by Artem Golyakov and Maksim Osipov
Executive producer by Sasha Khizhnyakov



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